SoL is a three piece band originating in southeast Minnesota.  Individually, the musicians in SoL have been performing for years in the midwest.   SoL was formed to cater to the markets  available to live music.  We use technology to provide the sound of a large band.  We perform in venues such as a wineries, breweries and fine dining venues.

Barb Morrison provides lead vocals and has the ability to skillfully emulate many of the artists you have come to enjoy.   Her smooth clear voice is entertaining and relaxing.  She is a master of vocal performance and you are certain to enjoy her style.

Heidi Bain has a Degree in music and has performed on piano, organ and flute in Minnesota for years.   Her amazing ability to hear harmony and melody provides just the right addition to Barbs vocals and her warm vocal tones will soothe your inner SoL.   The two voices blend as one with a melodic experience you won't soon forget.   She also brings to the performance her abilities on keyboards and her flute to add a sophisticated addition to our sound.

Jeff Thompson is the keyboard player,  sound, recording and performance engineer.   Jeff has played keyboards in various bands for years and also has maintained a recording studio for over 20 years.   With the ability to create sophisticated backing tracks that include drums, guitars, sax, etc. you will experience a sound that is much larger than the size of this trio.

We feature a wide variety of music that should suit most any music appreciator.   Make sure to catch us at an upcoming gig soon.